Seafront Oval Carpark


Fraser Coast Regional Council


Seafront Oval – Pialba, Qld 4655


$350k est.


ESQ provided the civil engineering design drawings for the carpark on the Pialba Seafront Oval which will service the newly built parkland and skate park.

The works involved design of the carpark’s configuration layout as well as the detailed design of the pavement and stormwater drainage systems.

The project was undertaken by Council’s Parks department, so the focus was on the protection and retention of as much of the existing vegetation as practical.

ESQ also provided design and construction advice during construction of the carpark which was project managed by Council.


  • Carpark and Drainage Design
  • Cost Estimating
  • Construction Phase Design Service


The aim when configuring the layout for the carpark was to maintain the existing vegetation where possible and reduce the amount of clearing necessary. All significant trees were identified, and in consultation with Council’s Parks officers a design was agreed upon.

Due to the carpark being located near the beach and very close to sea level, the risk of flood inundation was not only limited to surface runoff but also from seawater backflowing up the drainage lines.

The area was filled to levels determined through flood modelling so that any water backflowing up the drainage line did not overtop the drainage pits located in the carpark. This was possible by directing the drainage to a pit containing a weir structure to prevent seawater backflowing up the system.


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