ESQ can assist in project identification and feasibility, coordination and management of

the development application process including all consultant management, liaison with

all levels of government as required, tender and contract administration of the 

construction phase through to final delivery of the project.

ESQ provides valuable advice as part of the acquisition phase, provide peace of mind

that the development approvals process provides the very best of client outcomes,

management and coordination of consultants, contract administration of the

construction phase and completion of the project whether it be an issue of title/s or issue

of a Certificate of Occupancy.

Having the ability to understand clearly the costs associated with a development

proposal is the key component needed to make decisions on the project's direction. ESQ has broad experience in preparing opinions of costs for development projects and can provide a detailed breakdown of the components and time frames impacting on the cost of a project.

From project inception to final delivery, ESQ can work with clients to ensure exposure to hidden costs is minimised, all project costs are included and time frames are inclusive of all works required.